Casa Valentina is the only program in Miami-Dade County that provides both affordable housing and intensive support services to youth aging out of foster care.

Each of our residents brings his or her personal background, experiences, talents, hopes, and plans.

Although the numbers only tell part of our story, they paint a compelling picture of our population…

Capacity Casa Valentina can accommodate 26 former foster youth, aged 18-23 (up to 13 clients in our young women’s program, up to 7 young men at Emmaus Place, and up to 7 mothers + their babies)
Age Of our current 25 residents, 13 are 18 years old, 2 are 19 years old, 5 are 20 years old, 1 is 21 years old, 4 are 22 years old.
History in Foster Care Average stay in foster care is 4.5 years, with average entry to the foster care system at 12 years old.
Joining Casa Valentina Average age at entry to Casa Valentina is 18 years, 4 months. More than half are below grade level in school.
Education Of our 25 current residents, 13 are enrolled in postsecondary education, 8 are in high school, and 4 are in other programs.