Crime Scene Investigator: Pauline

By the time Pauline (not her real name) aged out of foster care on her 18th birthday, she had lived in seven different homes and attended more than 10 schools. As she struggled to adjust to each institution’s new schedules, new classes and new rules, she fell far behind in her studies. When she moved into Casa Valentina, finishing high school seemed like a distant dream…

With lots of hard work and support from Casa Valentina staff and expert tutors, Pauline graduated from Miami High just one year later. She then enrolled at Miami Dade College, and handled the often-difficult transition between high school and college with aplomb.Always a fan of mysteries, Pauline set her sights on becoming a CSI investigator. She took a challenging course load at Miami Dade – including advanced math and science classes – and earned her AA and AS degrees in December 2011.

She was accepted to Florida International University, where she is pursuing a Bachelors degree in forensic science. Although she recently left Casa Valentina to move into the college dorm, Pauline remains part of our community. She continues to receive academic support and other services through our after-care program, and we are always here to help her make her dreams come true.

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This could not have been done without the support and hard work from the entire Capital One team, but especially to our all-stars: (from left to right) Charles, Jessy, Vanessa, Danny, Donald, Caleb & Kathy!