Casa Valentina is fortunate to have an amazing staff! Our team works tirelessly to serve our residents, with big plans for 2014…

  • Melissa Davidson, MSW, Program Coordinator: To study more about motivational interviewing, restorative practice and solution-focused models and to continue to improve on these skills when working with my residents.
  • Dashia Dawson, PhD (ABD), Educational Specialist: To assist each resident in achieving at least 3 educational goals that could ensure their independent success.
  • Dashweil Ervin, MEd, Program Coordinator: To continue to gain more knowledge in the Restorative Practice area, as well as start my Masters in Social Work.
  • Natalia Giordano, MSW, Program Director: To get my LCSW.
  • Alex Zuccaro, MSW, Emmaus Place Program Coordinator: To work with our residents in promoting their independence, and personal growth. In addition, I plan to obtain my LCSW license.