The Affordable Care Act Helps Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

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Both physical and mental health issues are common among foster youth and those who have aged out of the child welfare system.

The Congressional Research Service reports that 35-60% of youth in foster care have chronic or acute medical conditions requiring treatment, with up to 15% suffering from illnesses that limit their daily activities. A recent study found that individuals who spend their adolescent years in foster care were more than twice as likely to experience mental health problems.

Despite these health risks, however, current and former foster youth have significantly limited access to health care – more than 40% report that they do not have health insurance.

Under the Affordable Care Act, all youth who aged out of foster care will be eligible for full Medicaid benefits until they are 26 years old. This provision applies to all current foster youth and those who have aged out since 2007.

The implementing agency suggests that states: cover youth who were in care in other states; automatically enroll youth in Medicaid before they age out; implement a one-time eligibility determination to have continuous coverage until they turn 26; conduct an outreach campaign to inform eligible youth about the new regulations; educate child welfare agencies about these provisions; and work with Medicaid offices to arrange for continuing care after the age of 26.

THANKS to Bank of America!

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Casa Valentina thanks Bank of America for providing support for our recent apartment renovation and upgrade project.

Thanks to the generosity of Bank of America, we have been able to paint, refresh and re-furnish four apartment units in our original residence.

Our residents are delighted with their “new” homes! We thank Bank of America for its investment in our organization, which enables us to assist vulnerable youth aging out of foster care in Miami.

10 Ways to Engage Foster Youth

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At a recent conference in Virginia, a panel of adopted youth and older children in foster care developed a resource to help child welfare workers engage youth in foster care. They came up with ten helpful tips:

  1. Involve youth in creating their own case plans. Allow them to be proactive and use their knowledge about their own lives and relationships. Through this process, they will learn invaluable skills that will help them succeed once they leave the child welfare system.
  2. Maintain open lines of frequent, consistent and comfortable communication. This is essential to building a healthy relationship.
  3. Stay open minded, and listen actively to the young person’s opinions. Try to understand their perspective and incorporate their ideas into your work together.
  4. Maintain confidentiality as much as possible, and inform the youth when personal information must be shared. Keep the youth updated about things that affect them, to build trust.
  5. Understand that everyone makes mistakes, and that they are part of the learning process. Don’t define youth by their mistakes.
  6. Communicate with youth as early as possible about changes that will affect them, and help them plan for these changes.
  7. Speak and act in a way that shows respect. Get to know the youth, don’t treat them “like a piece of paper”.
  8. Engage youth in solving their own problems. Discuss issues with them and in front of them.
  9. Remain genuine, open, honest, and relateable.
  10. Remember that social workers are also role models. Help youth to learn from you and your experiences. Provide sound advice, guidance and feedback to help them make positive decisions and plans.

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