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Our residents create their own educational goals when they come to Casa Valentina. Our Educational Director helps our youth navigate the educational system, connecting them with academic resources like tutors and mentors, and connecting them with programs & opportunities to further their skills towards their educational goals.


With the support of our Employment Coach, residents receive guidance to explore their interests, complete resumes and applications, prepare for job interviews, and get connected to employment opportunities such as internships & jobs.

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Money Management

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Residents create a budget, and develop critical skills to ensure success in personal financial literacy. They work to create a savings plan and empower them to make wiser financial decisions.


Program Coordinators work closely with residents to assist them in learning to care for their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. They learn to advocate for their personal health & well-being.

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Activities of Daily Living

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Residents learn to navigate the day-to-day tasks of life, including household maintenance skills, using public transportation, grocery shopping/meal planning, car care and more!


We conduct community outreach and offer education and training on critical foster care issues to create greater awareness and support for youth emerging from foster care.

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