Casa Valentina was honored and thrilled to be named a 2013 Neighborhood Builder by Bank of America. We received a grant for $200,000, payable over two years, and two of our staff members will have the opportunity to participate in a national leadership development program provided by the Center for Leadership Innovation.

Executive Director Deborah Korge will attend three training sessions for Executive Directors, and Program Director Natalia Giordano will attend three sessions for Emerging Leaders.

Designed to help participants create innovative programming and new approaches to achieving their organizations’ missions, the Neighborhood Builder Leadership Program brings relevant experts to the table to share ideas and information.

The goal is to create engaged leaders, working effectively to build healthy communities. The leadership program empowers non-profit staff members to get results in their work, providing cutting-edge professional development and peer consulting opportunities. The participants report back regularly on how they are applying the high-impact strategies learned.

We are so excited to see what Debbie and Natalia learn through this program!