Resident of the Month for June: Deon

This month’s resident continuously goes above and beyond to share with the world the impact that our program has made in his life. He embodies many of the virtues we stress at Casa Valentina like a spirit of comradery and collaboration, academic diligence, and positivity. He’s been interviewed by WLRN, and will be featured in our upcoming Eyes on Your Mission academy film!


Resident of the month for July: Richardson

Casa Valentina is proud and humbled to present Richardson with our Resident of the Month award for July. Despite the odds, he took advantage of the advice and resources offered by Casa V staff. He thrived to achieve independent success and prevailed! His perseverance allowed him to academically excel. Richardson models the positive qualities Casa Valentina hopes to accomplish with all our residents. Today, Richardson is still in school, he lives on his own and has a promising career path ahead of him. Congratulations for successfully completing the Casa Valentina program and for being our resident of the month.

Resident of the Month for April: Gino

This April, we celebrate Gino, our resident of the month. His ambition to excel academically sets the foundation for his success in his personal life and as a Casa Valentina resident. With dreams of becoming a surgeon, Gino understands that education and discipline play a vital role in achieving his goals. Gino is also a positive role model to his peers; always the first to lend a helping hand and attending extracurricular actives in the community. We are proud to honor Gino with the title of Resident of the Month. The Casa Valentina family looks forward to his many accomplishments in the near future.

Resident of the month for March: Quashia

Congratulations to Quashia for going the extra mile and exceeding expectations! She has hit the ground running this year by meeting her educational goals and setting her sights for college. Quashia also sets a great example for her peers and for new residents entering our ‘casa’. Her positive attitude is the foundation for her success. We are proud to announce her as our first Resident of the Month for March. We look forward to all that she will accomplish in the future!

resident in black jacket
resident in black shirt
resident in red shirt